Winter Wonderland Quinceanera Theme to WOW Your Guests

A quinceanera is a special celebration in the Latin American tradition. It celebrates a young girl’s transformation from a child to young adult. When a girl turns 15, she becomes a young woman ready to embrace her journey of life ahead. This symbolic transformation is often reflected in the theme of the party. For example, a winter wonderland quinceanera theme can symbolize the purity and youth of the celebrated girl.

Turning a birthday celebration into a winter wonderland theme should be a pleasant experience for the birthday girl. With some research, thorough planning and unique ideas, having a winter wonderland quinceranera theme party will be something that will be remembered and cherished for the rest of her life.

The first thing to do when planning this winter wonderland quinceanera theme is to calculate the budget for the party. This decides how much can be spent before the planning has even begun. When figuring out what the budget will be, a girl should include things such as her dress, invitations, favors, decorations, entertainment and floral arrangements. Everything she wants for the party should be included in order to find a ballpark budget. It saves her and those who are helping her plan stress and the chance to overspend.

Looking for inspiration is another very important part of the planning process for this winter wonderland theme. A color scheme should be thought of before any solid purchases are made. Often winter wonderland themes are associated with colors such as blue and white. Some people also try to create an iridescence to make the room sparkle as if it were a snowflake hitting the sun. By deciding on these factors first, it will give the room fluidity and look seamless when it’s finally put together. There are websites which allow users to create an inspiration board by “pinning” certain ideas. This helps create one conducive idea for the party. It is also important to make sure everything ties with the theme. This includes all the small but essential things such as invitations, cake and centerpieces.

Buying a Dress for you Quince

Deciding the fashion choices for the party is also important to reflect the winter wonderland theme. The birthday girl of course should be the center of attention, shining brightly like a beautiful snowflake. The rest of her court should also dress in colors that fit with the theme. For example, they could wear varying shades of blue that correlate with colors of the room while she wears a beautiful white dress and soft blue shoes. Or if she wishes to be different, she can wear a blue dress while her friends wear white.

Decorations should be tasteful and tactfully placed in the room. The guests should not be bombarded with what the theme is. Adding accents of white tree branches and candlelit blue centerpieces give the room an elegant and extravagant aesthetic. Present them with theme related favors at their seat as well. Often times, less is more when it comes to a themed party.

Planning a winter wonderland quinceanera theme party is something that requires time. Allotting enough time will result in a beautifully decorated room and party. As long as the decorations, colors and fashion relate with each other, this traditional affair will transport guests to a winter wonderland.


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