Under the Sea Quinceanera Theme Ideas and Decorations

Every little girl has watched as Ariel hoisted herself on a rock in the middle of the ocean, with the wind and waves at her back, belting out a song about how she wished for a life on land. And she thought about how she would gladly trade places. Every little girl has also dreamt about life under the ocean, with the brilliant green seaweed at the sandy sea floor, a rainbow of colors as a school of fish swim by, and the red and pink coral reefs lifting into the vast blue waters. And every little girl imagined herself as a princess in a kingdom of mermaids. Now, it will be time for her to live that dream by creating a grown-up setting that feels just as magical. And an under the sea quinceanera theme is perfect for the girl who wants to bring the fresh feeling of summer fun to a more sophisticated party.

Deep Sea Decor

An under the sea quinceanera theme will make any event space look vibrant with ocean life. Imagine stepping into a room with blue lighting; table tops splashed with glitter; sea shell center pieces, and decorative treasure chests, boats and netting. Table clothes, napkins and linens will be a mixture of colors from the ocean landscape: turquoise, sea foam, and cerulean mixed with sandstone and beige. The sounds of flowing water fountains will add to the ambiance, as will aquariums and ponds with swimming goldfish. Take it even a step further and make it a pool party, where the soft glow of ornamental lighting will add the just the right touch in the evening.

Mermaid Tail-oring
The most couture formal dresses and long evening gowns offer mermaid cuts that flatter every figure. Of course, the most important accessories for a quinceanera theme will be a choice of abalone shell, opals or pearls to match silk and satin gowns. Sequins, glitter and rhinestones are also a must to add to the other-worldly charm of the event. Choose from any variety of colors to mimic the most beautiful fish in the world, such as the mandarin, beta, or an emperor angel fish. Or to take the under the sea quinceanera theme even farther and add a touch of entertainment, see which guest can make the most creative mermaid costume from scratch.

Dive into Delicious Food
Just as the chef in the movie classic cooked up a storm of seafood and song, an under the sea quinceanera requires that there be a variety of seafood favorites such as shrimp appetizers, lobster bisque, spicy tuna, scallops and crab cakes. A variety of sushi rolls would also add flavor to the occasion. For those without their sea legs there is a full menu available where one can select from a variety of prime meats that can be decorated with enough greens and garnishments that it would look as if had just washed up on the shore.

Wave to the Rhythm
Mix in some soft reggae beats to liven the party and give it an ocean feel.

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