Tips For A Quinceanera princess theme

A Quinceanera is an exciting time in a girl’s life and adding a theme to the event makes it all the more fun. An easy theme to accomplish is a Quinceanera princess theme since there are so many decoration options. To accomplish such a theme, it is important to incorporate the princess theme in the details, from the invitations to the table decorations. Here are some tips for creating the perfect Quinceanera princess theme.

Invitations– Princess theme colors are typically pink and purple, so the invitations should incorporate either of these colors. Whether the invitation is pink or purple, use a metallic silver border around the invitation to create a glamorous, feminine look. On the invitation itself, have an image of a princess crown and a small image of a castle. If the girl has a favorite princess character, than the princess should be on the invitation too. Have the writing of the invitation be in cursive.

Dress– For all of the girl’s friends, there can be a princess crown waiting for them once they enter into the event. The dress code should be that girls have to wear dresses, in order to look like princesses. The invitation should include a statement for the dress code that states for girls to “look like a princess” and boys to “look like a prince”.

Food– Instead of having a cake, there can be princess themed cupcakes that are in miniature crowns. Along with cake, have cookies that are in the shape of miniature tiaras.

Table Settings– The tablecloth should be pink or purple with large pink chairs. Have large bows be draped around each chair.  In the center of the table, have three clear bowls filled with candy that is either pink or purple. For a centerpiece, have three pink roses that are surrounded by princess wands.

Decorations– Around the event hall, hang plastic chandeliers that are an assortment of girly colors. Have the entrance door look like the guests are entering a castle with a fake drawbridge. Along the sides of the entranceway, have a bunch of pink or purple balloons hanging to make a grand entrance. Have a fake paper castle inside the event hall, where the Quinceanera princess themed party is held.

Music– For music, play medieval music to sound like the guests are transported back in time. If the girl has a favorite Disney princess, then play that soundtrack instead.

For a Quinceanera princess theme, a little can go a long way for making the party look fit for a princess. As long as there is a lot of pink and purple, then only a few decorations are really needed. The key decoration to have is crowns for the guests. The cake and the cupcakes should go along with the theme also. The princess theme is easy to play around with and will leave a lasting impression on everyone.

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