Tinkerbell, A Magical Quineanera

A quinceanera is an important step in a young girls life and it is imperative that the event be perfect.  A Tinkerbell quinceanera theme can make the party magical.  Tinkerbell is the perfect character to combine the princess feel with a girl’s new found maturity.  Tinkerbell embodies the spunky attitude often found in girls this age and can create an especially unique atmosphere.

When using a Tinkerbell quinceanera theme, you will want to create the illusion of a forest canopy.  Tinkerbell, and most fairies live in treetops.  Decorate in a manner to capture nature.  Ivy, twinkling lights as stars, leafy columns and orchids will help give the appearance of a rainforest.  If you can afford live plants, large green leafy plants should be utilized liberally, but even if live plants are not in your budget, you still have options.  Enlist friends and families to cut out large leaves from green construction paper and use brown crepe paper to twist into tree limbs.  Paint and twist coffee filters into paper flowers in bright oranges, reds, and purples.

Take inspiration from Tinkerbell and choose a dress in green or silver.  Metallic or sequined accessories paired with a set of tulle wings will help bring the theme to life.  The guest of honor should choose a tiara that is not gaudy, Tinkerbell is dainty, not flashy.  A dress with glitter or sequins near the bottom will support the idea of “fairy dust”.  A girl should look like she is floating on air, so fashionable but dainty shoes are a must.  Clear or silver shoes will help give this illusion.

Choose metallic papers for fairy themed invitations and decorate with glitter and sequins.  Fairies often gather after sundown, so plan your party accordingly.  Utilizing glow in the dark inks gives invitations a magical feeling.  Use paper printed with nature designs to give the illusion the fairies took supplies from nature.  Papers with tree trunk patterns, leaves, flowers and water designs are great options to use to print invitations.  Seal the envelopes with flower or insect printed stickers or metallic foil seals.

Food at a Tinkerbell themed quinceanera should be fairy themed.  Vegetarian options keep with the nature friendly theme.  Large salads, small sandwiches, and fresh fruits and vegetables are good choices.  A nature themed cake can complete the event.  Top a simple white cake with fresh berries and sprigs of edible flowers.  Make sure food options can easily be eaten by hand and are not messy.  Flatbread pizzas with fresh vegetables are a winning option!

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