Hollywood Theme Quinceanera

Your quince is a very big day, which means that every little detail must be perfect! For a movie-lover, there’s no better theme for your quinceanera than a Hollywood theme. A quinceanera Hollywood theme is elegant and flashy, and there are so many creative licenses you can take to make your special day all the more fun for you and your guests.

Decorating a Hollywood Theme Quinceanera
From movie ticket invitations, to a red carpet entrance, there are countless options open to you if you’re having a quinceanera Hollywood theme. It may be helpful to stick to a color trend while decorating to ensure a well-put together look. Good color options for a Hollywood themed quinceanera are black, white, gold, and red.

Consider plastic Oscar statuettes to hand out as party favors, and make sure to include a photo booth area for your guests to feel like stars too!

A great place to find Hollywood-themed party supplies is at Party City where they have an abundance of listings when it comes to decorating for a quinceanera worthy of star attendance.

A Dress Fit For Hollywood
Your quinceanera dress is a focal point of the festivities with you at the center of the event, and the dress being a representation of your big day. With that being said, you have full license to go all out on the dress if you really want to. However, with the Hollywood theme in mind, there are more options open to you rather than the full-length ball gown you see traditionally at a girl’s quince. Instead, you might want to give your quince’s wardrobe a little red-carpet twist. Look for dresses you see worn by your favorite stars at an Oscars event, and draw your inspiration from there. Here’s a Pinterest page full of gorgeous Hollywood gowns worn by the stars: http://pinterest.com/clare2121/red-carpet-dresses/

A pair of elbow-length gloves always makes a dress look classy, and you might even want to throw in a feather boa if it works. Don’t forget the bling, either. It’s your day, so dress like a star!

As long as you have food, your guests will be happy (that is, if it’s good food). With that in mind, it really doesn’t matter what kind of food you are serving, but what you will want to think about is presentation. To make sure that the food being served at your quince matches up with the Hollywood theme, consider using old-fashioned popcorn boxes as platters for an appetizer, or even set up a popcorn machine somewhere (of course this would not be your main entree).

As said already, there are many ways that you could creatively go about inviting your guests. Consider fashioning your invitations after a movie ticket, or look for designs trimmed in old-fashioned film strips or clapboards. There are tons of ideas out there!

For your quince, you should feel nothing less than a Hollywood star, so what better way to celebrate this big day than through a quinceanera Hollywood theme!

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