Elegant Renaissance Quinceanera Theme

Give your special quinceanera a blast to the past with an elegant Renaissance quinceanera theme. This theme works great for little ladies who have a fascination with the Medieval era, and love the idea of being a princess in a kingdom waiting to be saved by a knight in shining armor.

Holding your Renaissance-themed quinceanera outdoors under a big, white tent might be a great way to capture the Renaissance era. Think floral embroidered linen when it comes to table cloths, colorful tapestries for general wall decor, and candlelit chandeliers for lighting. For a color scheme, rich purple or royal blue make for elegant choices to match the loveliness of your quinceanera Renaissance theme. You can set up lounging areas for your guests to visit with each other and enjoy their hors d’ouevres by adding embroidered cushions and pillows on carpeted areas. Don’t forget a wooden dance floor, because you can’t go without dancing at a Renaissance themed party!

Here’s a great place to find the proper Renaissance supplies to suit your decorating needs: http://www.partysuppliesdelivered.com/party-themes-medieval-and-renaissance.html


Undoubtedly, you are going to want your dress to emulate the beautiful, royal gown of a princess. Go with a regal color such as purple, blue, or red, and look into finding the perfect tiara. Look for dresses with full skirts and a fitted bodice, and do a search for Elizabethan and Tudor styled dresses to spark your inspiration. This Pinterest page has a huge variety of Renaissance-styled dresses for you to flip through: http://pinterest.com/makerteacher/costumes-renaissance-faire/

You are going to want to throw a feast worthy of the Medieval times to fully capture the Renaissance era. Make sure your menu offers a complete variety of breads, meats, and vegetables. A favorite of this era is venison, but if you are not to keen on deer meat, chicken or turkey are worthy options as well. Potatoes and yams make for a hearty meal, and you can’t go wrong with a delicious soup appetizer. Also, consider hiring some people to dress as servants to walk around with fruit platters at the beginning of the event for an extra classy touch.

Model your invitation design after a scroll, as if a herald is inviting your guests to a special, Renaissance ball. If you have the resources, you can even add your own melted wax stamp for an exquisitely official appearance. Don’t forget to use an elegant, Old-English styled text font too!

There’s no better way to celebrate your quince than with a Renaissance quinceanera theme!

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