Dazzle Your Guests With a Masquerade Quinceanera Theme

Having a masquerade quinceanera theme can make this traditional party an unique affair. A masquerade theme can be planned for any time of year or season and also give the birthday girl quite a bit a freedom when it comes to decorating and planning the party.

Perhaps the only requirement for party such as this is for the group to wear masks. However, if a girl does wish to create a central theme for a masquerade party, she can do so as well. All it takes is some planning and inspiration to create an unforgettable masquerade quinceanera theme celebration.

After the budget has been decided for the quinceanera celebration, the planning can begin. For a masquerade party, a girl can go in a few different directions. If she is a musical theater fan, she can opt for a Phantom of the Opera masquerade theme or if she prefers a more casual and fun affair, she can model her party after the popular Mardi Gras. Whatever she decides, she should choose colors and decorations that match with the direction she wishes to go in. For example, having purple and green beaded necklaces to give to guests would be great for a Mardi Gra quinceanera affair
, but it would not relate to a Phantom of the Opera masquerade theme.

Creating Unique Invitations

purple quinceanera masquearadeWhen inviting guests to the party, make sure to include that it is necessary to bring a masquerade mask. Include in the invitation a small note where the guests can purchase masks online. Masks can often be hard to find if it is not the Halloween season. The birthday girl can also make sure to have a few extra masks at her celebration if one or two of the guests do happen to forget their mask.

Quince Dress Options

The dress chosen for the party should match with the theme. If she is going for a formal masquerade affair, a regal ballgown will suffice. A more casual affair allows her to have more freedom in style and cut of the dress. Her court should dress in different colors of the theme with masks that match to their attire. Be creative when it comes to the dress especially since this a once and a lifetime event.

Decorating your Masquerade

The decorations for the party should transport guests to the time she wants them to be in. Coordinating tablecloth, runners and centerpieces colors should give a cohesive appearance. This also goes for the food, cake and party favors. If a Mardi Gras theme is selected, a girl can give her guests small bags of pralines, a French Quarter favorite, as their favors. If a more formal masquerade theme is selected, petit fours or cupcakes in the color of the theme or topped with mini masks can be used.

Planning a masquerade quinceanera theme party is something that should be fun and exciting for the birthday girl. Her journey to creating this wonderful party is also part of her experience and transition from being a young girl to a young woman. By taking the time to plan this mysterious affair, a girl will have a party to remember for the rest of her life.

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