A Quinceanera with an Alice in Wonderland Theme

When families are planning their daughter’s quinceanera celebration, they often spend a lot of time trying to choose the proper theme for the occasion.  There are many themes available but one of the most popular is the Alice in Wonderland quinceanera theme.

There are other great option like a masquerade or peacock themes.

After deciding on the Alice in Wonderland quinceanera theme one of the first things to do is design the invitations.  In keeping with this theme people can make the originator of these invitations the Fish-Footman.  The recipient of the invitation can be addressed as the Duchess and told there are invited by the Queen to play a game of croquet.  It can also be mentioned that the guests should not be late because the White Rabbit will be on time.  The invitations can tell people that the quinceanera is going to be held in Wonderland.  The invitations can also be in the shape of a tea pot or a top hat.  On the inside of the invitation playing cards or tea bags can be placed.

Home Decorations

Turning your home into a place that makes people feel they’re having tea in Alice’s Wonderland is not that difficult.  In keeping with the Alice in Wonderland quinceanera theme the tables in the home can have a variety of teapots placed on them.  The teacups and saucers should not match and with a little creativity large teacups and small teacups can be made.  A large bowl can have a handle put on it and made to look like a large teacup.  There are some teacups from doll houses that can be used as the small teacups.  A variety of different types of chairs should be placed around the table.  With a little paper and some coloring a rabbit hole can be created in one room so the guests can go through it into the tea room.

Outside Decorations
If it’s possible putting pink flamingos near the entrance of the home is good.  A child’s pool labeled as the pool of tears would also be effective.  Putting a stuffed cheesier cat in a tree is also a good effect.  The front door can have a mirror and be labeled as the looking glass.  The doorknob can be decorated to look like the doorknob in the animated movie.  Make rabbit paws out of paper and put them on the ground so they lead up to the front door and continue through the house and garden if possible.

When it comes to food having a sign that reads “Eat Me” on the plate or above a buffet will work well.  Signs that say “Drink Me” can be put on glasses or above a drink bar.

Party Favors
Party favors can be anything from a deck of cards to a DVD of the animated Disney movie
or even a copy of the Alice in Wonderland book.  Each of the party favors can also have a sign that reads “Take Me” on them.

The Alice in Wonderland quinceanera theme is one that has been successful in the past and provides participants with a lot of fun on such a special day.

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